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1. Gekkeikan Sake 3.95 6.00
  The number one sake in the world.  It is a liqueur made from rice and is mellow and full bodied in taste.  Gekkeikan means crown of Laurel which in a mark of excellence and victory.
2. Gekkeikan Sliver 4.95 8.00
3. Gekkeikan Black & Gold (Special selection in style) 5.95 10.00
4. Nigori Sake (Bottle)   12.00
  Gekkeikan Nigori Sake is roughly filtered, milky, low-alcohol sake with refreshing fruity flavor.
5. Karatamba-Honjozo (10oz Bottle)   12.95
  This crisp, dry, medium bodied sake has a light vanilla flavor and slight nuttiness.  Karatamba is delicious with a wide variety of Japanese cuisine including spicy dishes.
6. Osakaya Chobei-Daiginjo (10oz Bottle)   21.95
  Produced from Highly polished rice.  This refined sake exhibits a delicate, fruity aroma.  It is round, full and silky on the palate, with an abundance of ripe fruit flavors - Best with light, yet flavorful dishes.
7. Hana-Awaka-Sparkling Sake (8.5oz Bottle)   12.50
  This refreshing sake brings your taste buds alive with a cheerful balance of bursting sweetness, bright fruit flavors, and tangy bubbles.  "Sparkling Flower" is a refreshing after work drink or the perfect match for weekend lunch.
8. Hana-Fuga-Sparkling Sake (8.5oz Bottle)   12.50
12. Sake Bomb 7.50  

Plum Wine

Glass Bottle
1. Gekkeikan Plum Wine 4.95  
  This is the only plum wine that is made with real plums sweet, subtle and fragrant in taste.  You like sweet wine, you will enjoy this selection.
2. Fuki Plum Wine 4.95  
  Sweet and light in style    

Red Wine

Glass Bottle
1. Beringer Founders' Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 5.95 23.00
  Deeply fruity, ripe and balanced with currant aromas.
2. Beringer Founders' Estate Merlot 5.95 23.00
  Smooth and flavorful, with a light plum and black cherry finish.
3. Pinot Noir 5.95 23.00

Blush Wine

Glass Bottle
1. Beringer White Zinfandel 4.95 17.00
  The number one selling white zinfandel that matches well with any food.
2. Sutter Home White Zinfandel 4.50 15.00
  Light, berry flavor.

White Wine

Glass Bottle
1. Beringer Founders' Estate Chardonnay 5.95 23.00
2. Pinot Grigio 5.95 23.00
3. Stoneleigh Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 5.95 22.00
  The palate displays grapefruit balanced by the perfect acidity.  This is a great New Zealand wine goes well with tuna and salmon.
4. Chateau Bonnet Blanc White Bordeaux 5.95 22.00
  In the mouth there are hints of sturdy acid, cream undertones, mineral and citrus.  Wine enthusiast gave this 89 points.  Try it with any of our white fish selections.


1. Budweiser 3.00  
2. Bud Light 3.00  
3. Michelob Ultra 3.00  
4. Coors Light 3.00  
5. Kirin (Japan) 4.00 7.00
6. Sapporo (Japan) 4.00 7.00
7. Heineken (Holland) 4.00  
8. Boulevard (Wheat, KC Pils, Pale Ale) 4.00  

Soft Drink

1. Japanese Hot Green Tea   1.95
2. Chinese Hot Jasmine Tea   1.95
3. Coke   1.95
4. Diet Coke   1.95
5. Sprite   1.95
6. Dr Pepper   1.95
7. Lemonade   1.95
8. Sweet Milky Tea   2.95
9. Unsweetened Iced Tea   1.95

The Republic of Tea

1.  Sweet Green Tea
2.  Passion Fruit
3.  Ginger Peach


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