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If you are looking for fresh sushi, hot dishes (Bento), steamy meals, fresh ramen noodles, vegetarian options and a cozy atmosphere, come visit us at Friends' Sushi & Bento Place.

Since 2005, our quaint locally owned restaurant has been Kansas City's destination for quality Japanese cuisine at a reasonable price. We offer various specials throughout  the week and something for everyone in the family. Sit at sushi bar or our dining room, either way you'll be impressed with our fast and of course, "FRIENDLY" service.

Wondering What a Bento is?
Bento is conveniently boxed meal originating in ancient Japan.  Devoted housewives still make them for their husbands everyday.
Today, at Friends we put the same care and love in making our delicious bento for you. We have both sushi and non- sushi options for this delicious Japanese tradition.

New to Sushi?
Traditionally, sushi is made with vinegared rice and seaweed, along with fish or vegetables.  Sushi comes in many varieties - not all of it is made with raw fish.


Know your Sushi Language?
At Friends' we prepare our sushi using various styles, both classic and modern way, including:

Sushi (Nigiri) -  Fish over rice  
Sashimi - A slice of fish without the rice
Hand Roll (Temaki) - Seaweed cone stuffed with fish and rice wrap
Roll (Maki) - Seaweed and rice are rolled around other ingredients and cut into pieces.
Wasabi - Japanese horseradish
Ginger (Gari)    

Friends Sushi & Bento Place

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